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    Friday, 14-09-2012



       Introduction :

          We drink wine, but what wine brings to us is far more than a thirst satisfaction. Wine is the product of millennium experience, the creation of most sophisticated sense. Furthermore, since Dionysus time, wine has accumulated inside it a rich culture along with its history of development. Without any exaggeration, it can be said that wine itself is a typical expression of culture.  

        We create “www.Ruoumini.com” to share a unique way of wine enjoyment with you. Come with us, you can surf through the long history of wine development, enjoy the rich culture embedded in each sip of brandy and have a look at our beautiful mini liquor collection.


        Mini liquor bottles collection attracts collector partially for its interesting history. The term mini liquor first appears in Europe early XVIII century. By that time, liquor was contained in wood barrel for trading and delivering. However, to meet the customer’s demand of testing the liquor, manufacturers had made small porcelain bottles of liquor. And it is this practice that gave birth to the definition of mini liquor.




       As mini liquor bottles were produced for testing purpose, the import tax applied was very low. To take advantage of this, European manufacturer produced more rolex replica watches and more mini liquor bottles to penetrate in to US market. Besides testing purpose, these sample bottles were, in many cases, traded as commercial products. This business practice was very popularity in 1930s, and it raised the interest of collecting mini liquor amongst consumers.


       Mini liquor collection interest has spread to Vietnam since 1990s. The mini bottles came from Vietnamese working in Europe or American. They bought mini liquor as gifts for their friends and relatives in Vietnam.

       We have developed our mini liquor collection since 2004. Starting with some bottles from popular trademarks such as: Remy Martin, Hennessy, Camus, Johnnie Walker, our collection is growing both in quantity and in category. So far, have a look at our collection, you can see thousands of mini liquor bottles of many trademarks. Each bottle has its own wonder, its own story that we want to share with you.

       This web, rather than an advertising web, serves as a common play ground for mini liquor’s devotees. Come with us and enjoy the marvelous attraction of our collection. Thank you