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    Saturday, 01-12-2012

    Vodka is colorless strong made ​​from any material. Vodka is usually distilled from grain cereal mashed, fermented and charcoal filter to remove odors. Vodka is not necessarily through the incubation stage, but should be treated to remove the taste and color to become transparent, odorless. This is a volatile alcohol can be prepared with a variety of fruit and other mixed drinks.

    Vodka which is produced in Russia and Poland from the 12th century. Neutral vodka is highly popular cocktails, because it does not carry the scent mixed into drinks without losing the results, but adding alcohol to drink. Vodka has the ability to stimulate digestion and warm the body, so pure, so less likely to cause side effects.

    How to drink Vodka: The traditional drink is the bottle in the freezer until cold bottle is removed, poured into small cups and add little like caviar and drinking.

    Learn about Vodka: Vodka is ideal as a base for cocktails due to its neutral characteristics highlight the flavor of the drink. Maybe that's why vodka became the most popular alcoholic beverages in the United States.

    Vodka is distilled from grains (corn, rye, wheat or potatoes). First it is distilled with 85% concentration and then diluted with distilled water to reduce the concentration to be fatal. The vodka is bottled with a concentration of from 40% to 50%. Final product is usually odorless, colorless, tasteless. Anyway, it is claimed by the manufacturer only. What they want to assert their wine here is not to add any kind of flavoring. You do not misunderstand it is the water, just as it has no characteristic taste like whiskey or gin.

    Vodka is ideal as a base for cocktails due to its neutral characteristics highlight the flavor of the drink. Maybe that's why vodka became the most popular alcoholic beverages in the United States.

    Vodka which was produced in Russia since the 12th century, even its name also to the spirits, as vodka in Russian means "little water". Vodka spill to other countries is because there are so many Russians as against the Tsar, was persecuted to run abroad, and bring vodka production. But it was not until the 40 years of the 19th century, the Western world should accept that vodka is a drink, and immediately it became vogue. So long vodka is the traditional wine of Russia and Poland, but the Russians and Polish vodka tonic or orange juice dilution. They just chilled and pure drinking, sometimes flavored with something like chili, lemon zest or orange zest, or add other ingredients in the bottle for a few weeks. Vodka has the ability to stimulate digestion and warm the body, so pure, so less likely to cause side effects. Nothing helps you through the harsh winter in Syberia in addition to a glass of vodka 50% is added flavor of chili.

    Most pubs temple leading vodka such as: Smirnoff (USA), Stilichnaya (Russia), Absolut (Sweden), Finlandia (Finland).

    Vodka is produced all over the world, and many of the wines "not the" cheap but still can be called wine. The reason is that all kinds of vodka has the same characteristics, only the real experts distinguish each kind of brand new and only if they are pure service. When mixed vodka with orange or tonic, hardly any distinguishing feature is a registered trademark.

    Vodka usually pure served in the glass of cherry, or mixed with nuoctonic and serve in cups Rocks. Once mixed cocktail glasses depending on the type of use. The traditional vodka is chilled bottle of wine when cold bottle then removed, poured into small cups, add a little bit like caviar and drinking.

    Russian vodka inside: In a country like celebrating victory, the war in 1373 is often overlooked. Because it is a time when people Russia drinking pumpkin billion, while troops Tatar appeared and defeated the lightning. Drunken Russians were thrown into a river named Reka Pianaya - Say rivers.

    Say that alcohol plays an important role in Russian history is not an exaggeration. It had damage of the general strategy, deterred the Tsar. Modern times, it has led generations of Russians to Heaven before the age. But for the people of this country, it was a social bond of attachment spread over two continents, a part of the Russian soul: hospitality, friendship and trust.

    So, in Saint Petersbourg, a museum has been established only for the most popular Russian wine drinks of this water. You will step on the journey to understand the psychology of the Russian people. Celebrate the love of life, violence, pride and creative expertise, we are used to vodka. "The history of Russian culture are associated with vodka" Sergei Chentsov, one of the founders of the museum said. "There has been a museum for French cognac, whiskey museums for. Meanwhile, the famous vodka at least with the same, if not more, and have a huge history" .

    Most people Russian vodka drink wine and drink a lot. Rare visitor to your home when not invited to a glass, and brown bread and pickles. Do not be denied, if you'll irk host. Although beer is becoming more popular, people just see it as the drinks and can not compete well with vodka.

    Russians believe that vodka has medical and pharmaceutical uses. The parents, the appearance of cotton on vodka to apply on the forehead to relieve fever or treat earache. Vodka with pepper recipe cure a cold for adults, vodka with salt to deal with the pain. Some nuclear scientists even drink it to avoid radiation. Other people drink vodka to forget the joy of suffering.

    But vodka, a variation of the word "water" in Russian, has become a national crisis. A government study estimated that a typical Russian drink about 180 bottles of vodka a year, or two days near the end of a bottle. Alexander Nemtsov, leading researcher of the Institute of mental health, the Ministry of Health, commented: "This is one of the major problems, if not the largest, in the country."

    The new museum opened in St.Petersburg is not the first in Russia, but its location known to all. Had a similar museum in the city of Uglich. A winery on the outskirts of Moscow, a few months ago, also has set up a museum of their own ad for free.

    Inside the bright and beautiful space on the a modern boulevard St. Petersburg, one can find traces of the history of vodka from 500 years ago, the time when people still call it the bread and wine. Even before that, alcohol has played a shaping role in Russian history.

    On the wall is a picture illustrating Prince Vladimir chose Christianity the official religion in 988. The reason? According to the museum, it allows followers to drink wine every day, not just holidays (!) In addition, there is a wine by monks using and handwritten formulas wine has with hundreds of years old. Chentsov, 46, a surgeon and Shevyakov, 32, a language specialist, had to borrow money from friends and get the help of the city to establish the museum. They said do not receive the help of vodka manufacturers, in addition to the commemorative bottle.

    "Alcohol is like any other drug. Drink at the well. But a bit more a poison ", Chentsov comment.

    He added that many foreigners have underestimated the importance of vodka: "In the West, people came to see the psychiatrist. But in Russia, we took a bottle of wine, sit down, and talk to alleviate melancholy. "


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