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    Monday, 01-04-2013


    Vodka Russkaya is a genuine Russian vodka made in best traditions and imported for your enjoyment from the very heart of Russia. It's recipe dates back to high antiquity and has been refined and perfected for many centuries.

    Vodka Russkaya is produced using high-quality spirit, obtained from a blend of selected rye and wheat with addition of malt, specially processed natural spring softened drinking water and rye crusts extract, providing vodka with specific and traditional bread tincture which is admired by enthusiasts.

    Special technology of refinement based on the method of frequent purification through birch coal and quartz sand enables to get a product fully corresponding to the concept „Genuine Russian vodka“. Vodka Russkaya is featured for its clear and neutral vodka aroma, surprisingly smooth, mild and velvet taste. Russkaya vodka is enjoyed best when served chilled, or on the rocks or can be used as a basic for superb cocktails and long drinks.


    The success of Vodka Russkaya started in the sixties with the gold medal in Leipzig 1967 and then in Plowdiw 1977. In the eighties Vodka Russkaya had a marketshare of 68% of all vodka and liquor produced in the Sovjetunion. The success of this traditional russian vodka is continuing still today: 

    2009 - gold medal in Moscow at the international Foodshow Prodexpo.

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