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    COGNAC Brands


    Admin, 10:24 | 15-05-2013 | Comment (0)

    Camus Cognac is a brand of cognac that has been produced by five generations of the Camus family, since 1863 when Jean-Baptiste Camus organized a group of producers to sell a high quality cognac under the brand 'La Grande Marque'.

    Admin, 04:14 | 13-05-2013 | Comment (0)

    Some Cognacs are called “Napoleon” as an indication of the age of the Cognac, but history is murky about Napoleon’s involvement with Cognac, if any. The story goes like this….


    Admin, 09:37 | 10-05-2013 | Comment (0)


    Brandy is the name used for a wide range of potable spirits, made mostly from grape wines but sometimes also from other fruits (for fruit brandies see Eaux-de-Vie). The name brandy is a shortened form of brandywine, which an anglicized form of Dutch brandewijn, which means 'burnt wine'.


    Admin, 08:14 | 05-04-2013 | Comment (0)

    Courvoisier (French pronunciation: ​[kuʁvwazje]) is a brand of cognac owned by Beam Inc. The production is now based in the town of Jarnac in the Charente department of France

    Admin, 07:07 | 27-03-2013 | Comment (0)

    Hines VSOP was awarded with Gold awards in 2003 and 2007.