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    COGNAC Brands


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    Cognac is rarely born of a single eau-de-vie or a single growing area, but generally from a blend of different ages and crus, sometimes up to a hundred of them.

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    Known as ‘The Cognac of Vikings,’ Larsen Cognac has striven to produce and offer products of high quality at selected points of sale throughout the world

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    The Gautier VSOP, crafted by the Cellar Master from the four leading «growths» of the Cognac region, is a blend that was aged between 4 to 6 years in Limousin oak barrels.


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    VSOP Reserve Prince Hubert de Polignac réserve VSOP is a pure Grande Champagne blend, anelegant blend comprised of eaux-de-vie exclusively from the Grande Champagne, the best growth of the cognac region.

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    Hennessy Fine de Cognac is a new blend, elegant and floral, with naturally well-balanced tones.