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    COGNAC Brands


    Admin, 10:55 | 08-01-2013 | Comment (0)

    The king of brandies, it is the result of the mastery of man and generosity of nature, a masterpiece unique in its kind

    Admin, 01:14 | 02-12-2012 | Comment (0)

    If drink Perrier, drinking instead of white wine from beginning to mourning fun enough. But if pure drinking after meals, after drinking Port (Fortified wine, is unique because it is both sweet and delicious), after drinking tea or coffee after drinking liqueurs such as Cointreau or Grand Marnier, I new delicious drink cognac.

    Admin, 09:17 | 10-11-2012 | Comment (0)

    It looks like Ludacris, DTP and Luda’s cognac partner Kim Birkedal-Hartmann,have a lot to celebrate. Chris’ new spirit endeavor, Conjure Cognac, has just been included on “Top Ten 2011 Cognac list: The Coolest Products For The Next Year”by expert cognac blog site Cognacexpert.com.

    Admin, 05:09 | 25-10-2012 | Comment (0)

    In the 16th century, a brisk trade of wine existed between France and Holland.  This trade was, of course, carried out on the sea utilizing war vessels, sometimes small sailing ships with limited cargo space.  These circumstances caused the cost of shipping full casks of wine to be astronomical.

    Admin, 03:06 | 23-10-2012 | Comment (0)

    Cognac is a very fine type of  brandy that is made only in the area surroungding the French town of Cognac